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This is mostly due to the regulating treatments in the areas of client support, pro-active off-site and on-site tracking of assistance factors and the prescription of Policyholders' Protection Board Sub-Committee for the plan providers as part of Authority's Corporate Government Recommendations," says Ira chairman J. Harri Ramayana.

The distinct drop in common insurance problems is not unexpected. Approximately one out of every four common insurance problems link with healthcare policies. But insurance mobility, which came into effect from 1 Oct 2011, made insurance organizations improve their assistance requirements. A lot of healthcare insurance mobility programs have been registered in the last six months.

"Portability has grabbed. We saw about 5,000 cases between Jan and April this season, compared to about 1,000 in the before one fourth (Oct-Dec 2011). These are customers who weren't able to move earlier," says Damien Marion, CEO, Max Pupa Wellness Insurance.

The organization of the Incorporated Issue Control Program, which allows the client to file his grievance online and track its progress, has also encouraged insurance organizations to fall in line.

The system has clocked nearly 20,000 complaint escalations to the power through the web and the Ira call hub. The variety of problems obtained by the Ira through post has greatly reduced which shows that customers are finding this new route of complaint signing up very useful," says Ramayana.

What is stressing, however, is that the variety of mus promoting problems increased during the season. And as opposed to in the last, Segments were not responsible. In fact, Ramayana says the variety of problems with regards to Mouth has actually decreased by 50%. This is also because Mouth are no longer the best promoting insurance product after the new Ira guidelines that have put a cap on the finance management, management and give up costs.

Traditional programs may now dislodge Mouth as the bad guys in the plan surroundings. Unlike Mouth, these programs have very high costs, which can be 30-40% of the top quality in the first few years.

Ira is now playing with the idea of reducing the costs of conventional programs as well. But experts say this won't be easy. "LIC, which has 60-65% of the business still provides 70% conventional products. Of this, almost 50% goes into government investments. Therefore, Ira is not doing anything about reducing the costs," says a mature industry source.
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